Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eutychus and the Television

Curious Eutychus has really been intrigued by the television. He first thought it was a box with a painting on the front - a painting that moved. But how could a painting move? High Definition technology is a bit ahead of Eutychus, but he is trying. And after all, life is much more than technology, right? Right? RIGHT?

After Eutychus mastered (well, mastering would be a bit of a stretch) the remote control he "surfed" (someone told him that is what he was doing, whatever surfing means) through 150 channels (whatever channels means). He learned about cooking omelets, watched "reality TV" (although Eutychus thought the persecutions under the Romans had a lot more to do with reality than swapping "mommies."). But there was a show he watched about a guy using a straw to suck "M-n-Ms" and carry them by means of suction with a straw depositing the M-n-Ms in another place. The longer Eutychus watched the TV, the more amazed he was that people would watch such a show. Could it be that the American culture was reduced to the absurdity of watching a man suck "M-n-Ms" with a straw.

For the first time, Eutychus started getting home sick. He thought of his brothers and sisters in Christ living in Jerusalem, an occupied city with Roman soldiers everywhere. He recalled the faces and the names of people who lived life everyday in the dusty, dirty streets of Jerusalem. He remembered the sermon Peter preached at Pentecost, and he thought of the hopes and dreams of Christians in the first century as they pondered taking the gospel to the world. Is it possible that 20 centuries later the wealthiest and most prominent culture and nation in the world is described by people watching a guy suck "M-n-Ms" on television. Eutychus pondered with amazement.

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