Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Home for Christmas"

I suppose there is no other word that brings more warmth and peace to the heart than the word "home", and if so, then there is no more heart-warming use of this word than when it is used at Christmas time.  "Home for Christmas" conjures up images of cozy houses nestled in snow scenes with a wisp of smoke slowly rising from the chimney.  Houses in which there are happy people, eating, laughing, talking, and sharing together the human bond of love.  Houses in which comforting aromas of food and beauty wafting through each room, bringing to the senses the awareness that THIS is a very special time.  Yes, "home for Christmas", is a vision that powerfully captures the imagination, evoking many happy thoughts and memories.

But, perhaps, the word "home", at least conceived in this way, is something of a metaphor of heaven.  The Christian's experience of going to heaven is like waking up on Christmas morning, bright with joy and promise, tingling with excitement and delight.  But unlike many Christmas mornings, there is no disappointment; rather, there is the greatest joy, beyond what could possibly be imagined, conceived, and pondered.  The experience is far greater than the promise received and conceived.  How glorious to think of that eternal Christmas morning when the greatest gift of all is eternally enjoyed in heaven with the highest human affection and delight!  Home in heaven for Christmas!  What a marvelous anticipation; what a scintillating thought!

As we gather with whomever, wherever, and whenever this Christmas time, as Christians, let us not forget about our true home.  Someday, some GLORIOUS day, we will truly be "home for Christmas."

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