Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lord of Life

On this Easter Sunday we Christians celebrate the day of all days, the life of all lives, the victory of all victories.  On that Easter Sunday morning, before the sun rose over the eastern horizon, the Son of Light had risen from the tomb.  The FACT that Jesus arose physically, materially, really, and gloriously is not to be disputed by serious students of the biblical text.  But we must ask, "WHY is this glorious fact significant?"

This is significant because of the gift of life that Jesus gives to all who trust in Him as Savior and Lord.  "Because I live", said Jesus, "you shall live also (John 14:19)."  Yes, sweet Jesus, You live, indeed you live.  I rejoice in Your victory and life.  But because You live, I shall live also!  I do now live.  I live the life of God living in me.  I live that mystical, transcendent existence that comes from experiencing and knowing that God lives in the life of humanity.  What joy, peace, love, and hope abounds and supersedes the greatest trial.  The light of life glows with an other worldly job because of the living Jesus. 

But more, yes more, I shall never die because I am living the life of Jesus, the resurrected Lord of Life.  Jesus said, "He who believes in Me will never die (John 11:26)."  I will never die; how can that eternal life ever cease to live?  The living Christ, living in me, will ever live within the context of the saved sinner's soul.  And one day, by the promise and grace of God, my grave will open and my mortal remains will shine with ethereal glory, fashioned after the exalted Christ. And I will forever be with the Lord in His place of love, holiness, and light.  

Yes, Jesus is the Lord of life, and those who know Him, receive Him, live in Him, will live forever in glory.

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