Thursday, January 29, 2009

God and a Sleepless Night

I was reading Esther 6 today, and once again I was surprised and amazed at the providence of God as evidenced in this passage.  God's power and timing are demonstrated in their perfections in such a way as to protect Mordecai from the evil intentions of Haman.  On the very night before Haman was to ask for Mordecai's killing, the Lord caused the king to be unable to sleep (God did that).  In an attempt to induce sleepiness on himself, he asked for the royal chronicles to be brought to him and to be read.  I wonder how many scrolls there were in the royal library, but the very one that could save Mordecai was chosen (God did that).  Just hours before Haman is to walk into the royal palace to request regal permission to destroy Mordecai, God was preparing the king to deliver Mordecai and the Jewish people (God did that).  And I think it is hilarious how God even used Haman, the hater of Mordecai and the people of God, to honor Mordecai before the people. Humor is all over this!  And God did it all!

Even though God's name is not found in this passage, God is all over this event.  God is the unnamed mover and controller of all events, even to the point of keeping a king from sleeping and the choosing of a scroll to be read to the king.

The providential goodness of God has been such a blessing to me personally over the years.  I cannot think of another biblical truth (outside of the gospel itself) that has given to me more comfort, more strength, more help, and more serenity than to know that God is sovereignly watching over me and taking care of me.  In times of sickness, illness for family members (including a terminal diagnosis of my son), uncertainty about financial resources and life's direction cause times of struggle and pain.  But the one truth that has brought me more calm in anxious moments is that God has chosen me for Himself, and He is watching over me to bring good and glory through my circumstances.  He does not promise ease, convenience, or the fulfillment of personal preferences.  But He does promise to be faithful and true to us, to His promises in Christ, and to His own nature.  Nothing that is eternally damaging can happen to us; all is good seen from the perspective of eternity.  My mother drilled this truth into me as I was growing up, and I have sought to pass it along to my children.

So, no matter what the day may bring, no matter the difficulty or the hardship, God is with us. And God is controlling the events that control us.  Some day, some how, in some way God's glory will shine through my life and experiences.  This is THE HOPE of the providence of God in human life.  Thanks be unto God!  Amen!


  1. This is really reassuring and it's so good that you remembered it from your mom. I'm so glad I finally got your blog (although not sure what a blog is). I was looking for you on Face Book but it wouldn't come up.

  2. Glad you found me. Hope you come often to review my ramblings, and I hope by God's grace some good is done.